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Initially started as creative think-tanks for clients, partners and staff, Frost* first opened up its long running deFrost* talk series to the wider business and creative communities in 2012.

Curated by founder and Executive Creative Director, Vince Frost, the deFrost* lectures feature speakers drawn from his broad network of leading local and international thinkers and achievers. The evenings of debate and discussion offer the opportunity to hear inspiring insights and participate in the development of ideas at the bleeding edge of commercial creativity and business.

The events, which can now accommodate 150 people, are a personal passion for Vince, who has longer-term plans to make the talks accessible to a larger audience and found an academy under the deFrost* banner.

Why we do it

Frost* is all about ideas. Vince founded the business on the belief that good ideas, thoughtfully executed, have the power to positively transform to the way we live and the kind of world we live in. The deFrost* series is a manifestation of that ethos. There is a responsibility to contribute to the broader development of ideas and to encourage participation in that process. We think everyone has a role to play in designing success and are hoping to help create a platform for that. The events are an opportunity to ‘thaw your mind’.

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  • The events are an opportunity to thaw your mind.
    Vince Frost