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Thursday 26/10/17

Virtual Canvas Of The Inside Mind Anthony Lister

Virtual reality arrived a few years ago not only to innovate but also to disrupt: disrupt your senses, your consciousness and perception of the outside world.

In a virtual space, illusion pushes the limits of reality immersing us in parallel universes where nothing make sense but everything is possible. Now imagine, where can one of Australia’s best street and contemporary artists take us when we give him a real-time VR three-dimensional canvas?

Come join us at deFrost #50 for a unique, captivating and provocative evening with Anthony Lister.

Dive in the streets, walls and secrets paths of his inside mind and let him tease you with the boldness and pioneering approach of his art.

This event is officially sponsored by Adobe in partnership withNestVR and Entropico. We encourage you to join us early and enjoy a beer thanks to Young Henry’s before and during the event.

Speaker Bio

Anthony Lister

One of Australia’s most renowned contemporary artists, Anthony Lister’s work presents us with a grimy fusion of the high and the low, using a technical mastery and an entrenched attraction toward the mass appeal to form an aesthetic with a turbulent, barely controlled energy at its core.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, he started to paint on the streets when he was 17 and having an innate ability to paint figures (coming through his long term admiration of “the hand drawn line and comics”), this location endured as a key part of his practice throughout his training.

Wherever he works however, what is key is the physical reaction that each piece pro-duces, its emotional veracity, a feeling which emerges through his attempt to “make something beautiful” whilst “constantly being mindful of the opportunity to violate it”. Revelling in the “spirituality”, the “heritage” of our popular culture, Lister takes this joint inheritance and remoulds it into something equally alluring and grotesque, a perfect representation of the society he seeks to depict.