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Thursday 28/09/17

Student Folio Review

We are inviting aspiring creatives to join us at deFrost* #49. This year we’ll be holding a very special event with Adobe during which our design team will be answering questions, dishing out practical advice and reviewing portfolios.

For many of you, graduation is fast approaching so this will be a great opportunity to visit our studio and talk to designers of different levels.

This event is officially sponsored by Adobe

Speaker Bio

Jason Grant, Adobe solutions consultant, Chris GriffithsDesigner at Frost* Design, Sophia Noh, Designer at Urbanite and Zion Wu, Digital Senior designer at The Nest will run a series of hands-on sessions on how launch your career plus some Adobe XD, Illustrator and Photoshop useful hacks. The workshops will be followed by 10-15 min folio review sittings and will finish-up with an open Q&A session.

This is a FREE event and everyone is welcome to join us. But we do have limited seats so it is important you send your portfolio to get a ticket.

How to lock a seat?

1. Email your folio and contact details to before the 25th of September.

2. Let us know your area of interest: digital, environmental or branding so we can allocate the best designer to your needs.

3. We are here to help and answer your questions, so don’t forget to send these in with your folio submission.

The best folios will participate in a 3-month internship!